Saturday, December 31, 2016

It is of God.

Queen of procrastination here. Finally, on New Year's Eve, I have completed reading The Book of Mormon, as promised for my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge.

As I listened to Joseph Smith’s testimony at the beginning of The Book of Mormon of how the angel Moroni appeared to him, I reached the part where Joseph tries to work after a night of interviews with the angel. Joseph collapses in the field and receives another vision where the angel tells him to go back and tell his father about his heavenly visitations.

I’m cleaning in my kitchen, and before the next paragraph starts, I mutter to myself, “It is of God,” meaning the whole thing, the heavenly visits and the testimony of Joseph and the subsequent translation of the Book of Mormon. As soon as I said those words, on the CD, Joseph’s father tells Joseph the same thing. “That it (the heavenly message) was of God.”

A warmth flooded my body then as the Holy Spirit washed over me, confirming the truth of the words I whispered aloud and the words of Joseph’s Father. Even with all my procrastination of my goals, I will always know The Book of Mormon is of God and that it is true.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Review: Buxton Peak Book Two: Center Stage

This is an intriguing look at rock star life for members of a band and their significant others.

Megan’s not used to the rock star life. As she’s drawn into her husband Ian’s world, the glamour of stage life is overwhelming. Her best friend Rhonda has surprises of her own. What did Megan expect when Rhonda was dating the lead guitar player for the band Buxton Peak?

This novella is gripping from the start. Just when the story seems to settle into normalcy for the two couples of whom the novella is about, turmoil surfaces once again. Will the band be able to pull back together?

The magic of this story is rooted in the faith of the characters. Megan and Ian share the same faith. Kai and Rhonda don’t believe in God, but Ian has enough faith for all of them. The most touching part of the story, and the part that had me tearing up, was when Ian used his priesthood power and bestowed a blessing on Rhonda. The real power of such a sacred moment is expressed in this fictional story with beautiful finesse.

It’s hard to classify this story into a particular genre. It has romance, but it doesn’t follow the traditional romantic plotline because the guy already has the girl. The story is a combination of rock star romance, Christian romance, and college romance. And while the story is a tearjerker for some, it is definitely an inspirational story.

Recommended for those who like a clean story, tension, and just a sweet ending.

Reader Rated for ages 15+ for mild substance use; also contains passionate kissing and sexual innuendo.