Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spur of the Moment Cover Reveal

Even the purest can fall.

In a peaceful world of seemingly perfect people, Niawen defends the dragons’ paradise from the evils outside their realm. Throughout her life, she was taught that humans would corrupt her inner light and that entering the mortal world means exile.

Mortified when her chosen life mate doesn’t return her feelings, she flees to the mortal realms, despite all the warnings. Her growing affections for the humans are crushed by a new enemy—death, and Niawen willingly defiles her pure light in battle to avenge her friends.

As she fights to overcome her corruption, she faces a sobering truth—the humans she loves will die. Niawen must find the one emrys who came into the mortal world thousands of years ago, or risk facing eternity alone.

Fallen Emrys, a paranormal romantic fantasy, is the prequel to the Chronicles of the Half-Emrys series.