Friday, February 5, 2016

Book Review

Cornerstone (The Cornerstone Series Book 1) by Misty Provencher

Nalena Maxwell is The Waste. At least, that’s what she’s been tagged as at school, due to her mother’s obsession with hoarding truckloads of paper, each one scrawled with lines of what appears to be single-sentence stories. The insane volume of paper has forced them out of their house and now threatens to push them out of their apartment, but Nalena’s mother, Evangeline, refuses to part with a single sheet.
Evangeline’s papers are so much more than just a hoarder’s obsession.
They are the reason behind the Maxwell’s tumultuous family past.
And they are the reason why the future is calling upon Nalena as its champion.
Kept in the dark, in order to protect her from the past and future that no mother wants her child to endure, the life she’s presently living is illegible to Nalena. She believes her fate is to be only The Waste, until one night, when Garrett Reese--possibly the school’s most handsome and popular Senior--seeks her out in the back corner of the library with answers and questions that reveal the true ink on Nalena’s destiny.

This novel just had me gushing!

4.5 stars. I really wanted to give the novel 5 stars because I’m SCREAMING over how much I enjoyed this novel, but there were a few lagging parts and this new community that the main character finds out about is never really explained. I was all excited about the Addo giving the main character, Nalena, options on her future path, because I thought he was going to explain stuff to Nalena but then that never really happens. If I were the main character, I wouldn’t have jumped into anything without explanation, but she kind of does. Nalena just doesn’t ask a lot of questions. When she’s upset, she kind of just clams up.

Okay, Okay. Why am I screaming?
I was absorbed into the way the author described everything. She used every day comparisons to describe the most complex emotions in a way that completely related to me. I think some readers might be turned off by the number of metaphors and similes, but I enjoyed them, especially when they described how Nalena was affected emotionally by Garrett. Eep! I loved it.

And the Reese family just made the whole novel feel real. They were a normal family with crazy powers, but the dynamic was just so comforting. I was instantly glad when Nalena became involved in their lives.

OH, and on to Garrett. I think I am in love with every little thing he does. My most favorite scenes are when he and Nalena walk into the office supply store, and later when he is carrying her into his house because she has a spiritual experience that zaps her strength. Both times, what he said, MELTED me.

You’d enjoy this novel if you are a reader who loves the developing tension between the main chick and her squeeze. Seriously. The plot is weak, but I just can’t get over how this novel’s descriptions really spoke to me.

This novel has strong and realistic characters. The author has developed her own voice that you will either instantly love or hate. (In case you haven’t guessed, I loved it.) And she has painted a picture with such understandable imagery that grounds you in the moment.

This is a perfectly clean read. Perfectly sweet read.

One final drawback. The formatting. Every single paragraph indent was different. But I was able to overlook this because the novel made up for it.