Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Debut Day for Master of Lies (Chronicles of the Half-Emrys, #1)

Christmas morning hello! Many of you already know about my new novel, Master of Lies (Chronicles of the Half-Emrys, #1). I am very excited to share more of my world with you.

I thought I might give you a little taste of what is too come, so I have written a series of blog posts to help you get to know my new book. This is day one. Six more to follow on a weekly basis. I will keep them short and sweet. Enjoy!

This book is the opening story of the Half-Emryn Chronicles. The books (I have three planned for this series.) follow the lives of the half-Emrys—a half race, and their struggle between the two worlds (mortal and immortal realms) they are a part of.

What is an Emrys?

I wanted to explore the concept of light-filled beings. Immortals that could harness their internal light and project it from their bodies in a myriad of ways. My Emrys were created to be the guardians of a nearly destroyed dragon species. The Master of Light, Deian, created them from his light. They are made of that light and the light is what gives them immortality. The source within their body is their heart-center. Not their physical heart, but their spiritual heart. Emrys can harness the energy from the light and spread it throughout their bodies and even project in from themselves. Their light also gives them other abilities, such as the ability to sense emotions. They’re not mind-readers. (With the exception of the High-Emrys. She has uncanny abilities, which I cannot get into here without ruining the books. But suffice to say that because she was the first Emrys, she has an extra “something” from Deian.)

My Emrys dwell in a world called Gorlassar, which is protected by the Power of Light. In this world, there is no death. The Emrys are immortal, and the dragons are as well. But alas, there is always a something to throw a wrench in the works. Gorlassar has a portal to the mortal world, where the evil is . . . and the tainted humans.

And so what is a Half-Emrys?

As the usual case, in an immortal world that is perfect and flawless, where the people gradually become indifferent and ignorant of the outside mortal world, someone always rebels. (For some reason the Thor movies come to mind. Can I throw in a promo? If you like Thor, you might like Chronicles of the Half-Emrys!)

I mean, why would you want to leave a golden realm protected by light? It’s safe and magical and BORING. Gasp! The first Emrys to leave the immortal Dragon Realm of Gorlassar did so in rebellion. And boy, did she cause a whole slew of trouble. What happens when an immortal passes through a portal and enters the mortal world? What happens when an Emrys and a human have a child?

The result is a new half race. An immortal who can still control light. . .

But with their mortal heritage comes a flaw.

The darkness.

And there is the basis for an internal struggle. Two powers within one being.
Who doesn't love a good—light vs. dark, good vs. evil—novel?

Look for my novel on Amazon December 25 through January 1 on sale for 99 cents! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Seven Must Haves

The Seven Must Haves:

Balance, Passion, Respect, Peace, Sanctuary, Tradition, Simplicity

Many of you have heard of the six B’s, which President Hinckley shared in his 2001 talk, A Prophet’s Counsel and Prayer for Youth. Be grateful. Be smart. Be clean. Be true. Be humble. Be prayerful. Well several years ago I came up with the Seven Must Have’s and felt inspired to share them with you.

Balance: Strive for balance of spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and economical.
And know that balance can never hold. We are always working to keep life as even as we can. Where one thing levels, then another raises or lowers on the scale. Effort is the key.
“It is much easier for those who have a righteous balance to yield ‘to the enticings of the Holy Spirit’ (Mosiah 3:19).”
“Balance in large measure is knowing the things that can be changed, putting them in proper perspective, and recognizing the things that will not change.”
Living a Balanced Life by Elder Robert F. Orton Feb. 2008 Ensign

Passion: Have passion for something!
It gives us drive. It gives us purpose. We have within us, the ability to create. So be passionate and have purpose.
“Our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son are creators and have entrusted each of us with a portion of Their creative power.” Elder David A. Bednar, We Believe in Being Chaste.

Respect: Respect for other people, the earth, and God.
Children must respect their parents. Teach children to respect material possessions. We can take nothing we have for granted.

Peace:  We can have peace!
“Peace is to be in the midst of things and still be calm in your heart.” Unknown
“But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and in the world to come.” D&C 59:23

Sanctuary: Stand in Holy Places.
Make our homes a sanctuary so we can feel the Holy Spirit. We stand at the door and controls what comes in and out. This includes social media that our children are exposed to.

Tradition: Build up a righteous posterity by example and tradition.
Laman and Lemuel’s traditions influenced their posterity wickedly for 480 years. (Read the Book of Mormon to understand this one.) How are we influencing our posterity? We cannot underestimate the power of righteous tradition in our homes!
Reference the 2008 Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting for more ideas.

Simplicity:  Living a simple life makes things so much simpler!
Cut back on everything unnecessary.
“The so-called ease of modern living can actually become an impediment to gospel living.” Protecting Our Families in the Last Days by Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Seventy

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Small Daily Improvements are the Key to Staggering Long-term Results

Time to talk about New Year’s resolutions.
No really. I don’t honestly make them. I pretend I do. What I actually do is make small tiny incremental changes and hope they become a habit.
My fascial stretch therapist told me that by doing fifteen minutes of something that we don’t want to do EVERYDAY, eventually the task will be completed. Of course he was relating this to stretching because I was having a hard time getting into a routine, but I latched onto this idea. It has been brewing in my brain for months.
Then I heard the quote, small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.
Ding ding!
Behold my new mantra.
Over the past few years I have struggled with health issues. Who doesn’t? My muscles weakened to the point that digging a hole in my garden was earth-shatteringly impossible. Opening lids that my husband screwed on too tight was impossible. I was generally fatigued and my muscles were Jell-O.
After a really intensive diet, in which I lost 20 pounds in two months, with no exercising, I knew I had to get my muscles back to go with my slimmer body.
And so it started.
One exercise at a time.
I started with pushups on my knees. Regular squats. Resistance exercises I could only do with my body. In the beginning I only managed 3 kneeling pushups. 6 weeks later I can now do 2 full ones and 13 more on my knees.
I added one new exercise every day. I added one rep to every old exercise every day. I still can’t exercise for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. But when I started I was doing 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. I now do 15 minutes twice a day. I am getting stronger!
Today I added cardio. 2-3 minutes of intense cardio. It was hard.
Mantras rock. I’m hanging this one where I can see it every day.

Now if only I can translate this into my scripture study, I’m good to go.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Most Exciting Thing since Sliced Bread

As my father would say . . . that's the most exciting thing since sliced bread. What? That's because my news is most exciting indeed, to me. I'm sure many of you don't care. In this world, many people have accomplished this same thing, but until you actually attempt and accomplish what I did, you won't understand.

And drum roll please . . .

I'm a newly published Indie Author!
I have toiled for 22 long months, on drafts for three books, and finally, book number one is complete. The Master of Lies (Chronicles of the Half-Emrys, #1) is up on Amazon as a paperback and eBook.

Most exciting, truly.

Don't forget to buy your copy. Christmas 99 cent sale coming up. And to celebrate my release, I will be blogging a series all about my book. Stay tuned.

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